Infrastructure Management

Assets and infrastructure are built to last but cannot last forever. Maintenance and repairs are essential to the reliability and longevity of infrastructure, including power lines, substations, buildings, airplanes, and more. It is important to record relevant data on equipment and infrastructure to help you build programs that alert you when changes and repairs need to be made to the system. Preventive replacement is the best option in certain scenarios. We are here to solve such management problems, from design data acquisition techniques, to showing costs and benefits of maintenance options, to recommending a solution. You can save millions of dollars with the right management plan.

Our expertise in power includes but is not limited to:

1. Smart Metering
2. Energy Management
3. Power Quality
4. Asset Management
5. Manufacturing Power Simulation Design
6. Power Failure Analysis


Powering Africa – Strategy Development and Matchmaking

Two-thirds of the African continent is still without power, even with billions of dollars allegedly spent in the field. Solving this complex problem involves not just a strong financial team but a strong technical one, the latter filled with many gaps over the years. Given technological advancement in power and energy over the years, allow us to provide you with the new age ideas and strategies to solve this problem.

Technical assistance from countries well-established in electric power is essential to closing the gap in Africa. We will matchmake African entities needing assistance to experts around the world able to solve them. Trust us to vet the foreign entities seeking opportunities in Africa for those who truly can solve problems. Utilize our matchmaking services.


Technical Conference and Event Management

Whether to market your products, build competence in a technical field, or create a networking environment for potential clients or members, holding an impactful conference, meeting or event is beneficial. Your events are an autograph of the quality of your service. So, we understand the importance of making them memorable and reputable. With years of experience in event and conference planning, including in Africa, we can advise your management team and provide unique ideas to set you apart.


STEM Engagement for Youth and Girls

The world needs more young people and more diversity (girls) involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. We have worked with youth to entice them into STEM and help to develop programs for them to solve real-life issues as STEM students. Engage us to advise you on youth and girls’ development programs for STEM.